Start by engaging your customers in a sustainable, effective and individualized relationship.

Cache-Cache is a ready-to-wear women's clothing brand that runs a network of 500 stores in France and 1350 stores internationally. Cache-Cache positions itself as a “fashion maker” for young and resilient customers, articulating it’s collections around 3 key values: pleasure, modernity, and seduction.

  • 2X more effective reach on social networks vs Email
  • 10 % sales revenue for identified segments of warm clients
  • Lower cost acquisition & attract customers with strong social potential vs email

Cache Cache Problematic Assessments

The Cache-Cache marketing team underlined 4 challenges it faced :

  • Drops in traffic at point of sale
  • New and more complex customer journeys that are multichannel and multi-terminal
  • Inability to measure digital marketing effectiveness
  • Decrease in email engagement

Wanting to hone in on their strategic thinking skills Cache Cache chose to rely on the performance of online and offline marketing data. Cache Cache called upon Advalo to implement individualized actions and to accompany them in understanding the behaviors of their consumers, while maintaining a steady ROI.

The implications of the brand

Advalo & Cache Cache identified 4 main objectives to focus upon:

1. Customer Journey analysis
2. Detect key moments to engage active customers
3. Extend CRM strategy to the digital journey
4. Traffic acquisition strategies


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