Retailers :  How to increase ROI by Reestablishing a sustainable and individualized relationship with its customers ?

The Salaün Group was founded in 1932. 85 years of history, one company, three generations. The group has continued to grow since its creation, all the while maintaining its headquarters in Finistère.

Salaün Holidays has presently 128 travel agencies, more than 600 employees in several
countries and more than 220,000 dependable customers.


Problem Statement

The Salaün Holidays group achieves 95% of its turnover through their agencies. Although today a majority of travelers book online.

The company wanted to obtain an omnichannel vision of the entire shopping path of its
customers, in order to be able to offer them a more consistent and adaptable experience.


Challenges moving forward

Having chosen Advalo’s individualized marketing platform, Salaün Holidays wanted to tackle 4 major issues:

1 - Understand omnichannel customer behavior
2 - Maximize effectiveness of acquisition campaigns
3 - Identify and quickly treat high potential prospects
4 - Increase reaction rate


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