Eram Group : Adopt a Data-Driven Strategy to Generate Traffic and In-Store Sales

The Eram Group is above all a family group, whose creation was introduced in 1927 and 5 years later realized the launch of the Eram shoe brand. Today, the group maintains 11 stores and over 1100 points of sale. Each brand has its own e-commerce site since 2009, in B2C with the brands Gémo, Texto or Mellow Yellow and in B2B with the brand Parade.


For more than 2 years now, the group has begun strategically thinking about data and its use. Like many retail professionals, the Eram Group was aware of the importance that data would have on their daily professional lives and asked themselves numerous questions about how to adapt a data project and especially how to introduce it within all the brands of the group.

It is with this in mind that the shoe and textile distributor engaged the services of Advalo to set up a data strategy for three of its brands: Eram, Gemo, and Bocage. The group's teams use the Advalo platform to answer various challenges such as: measuring web to store impact, identifying the best marketing actions to activate, optimizing its acquisition campaigns, personalizing its communications with its customers and prospects, etc.


Find out through these use cases, how Advalo empowered the distributor to answer these different issues on a daily basis.


1 Gemo & Bocage: Develop an omnichannel vision of consumer journeys to understand the impact of digital on in-store sales.


Through the reconciliation of online and offline customer journeys, the Gemo and Bocage marketing teams now possess a clear vision of the impact digital has on in-store sales and can enrich their customer knowledge with consumer insights that can be used immediately in their campaigns.


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2 Bocage : Identify and prioritize the most value-generating marketing actions


Using Advalo’s analysis of the Bocage database, the Bocage marketing teams were able to identify priority strategies to adapt to generate maximum additional revenue for future seasons. 


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3 Bocage : Optimize acquisition campaigns by targeting look-alikes of your best customers


Based on a thorough analysis and segmentation of Bocage’s database the Advalo teams, were able to identify the characteristics of the profiles of its best male customers, in order to create a specific audience within the framework of a look-alike campaign on Facebook and Instagram.


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4 Eram : Saw a fourfold increase in its communications by opening new digital points of contact with its customers


With Advalo, Eram was able to avoid drops in contactability of its database and find its customers on new digital touchpoints thus increasing communications.



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5 Gémo  : +25% conversion rate, by personalizing its communications with customers according to key moments of their journey


In order to personalize the relationship with each of its customers, the ready-to-wear brand Gemo set up via the Advalo platform, personalization devices that allow them to speak to each customer during key moments of their purchase journey, with offers and tailored content.


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6 Eram : +10% incremental conversions thanks to ultra-targeted newsletters


With the Advalo platform, Eram's teams have put in place personalization devices which send thematic newsletter campaigns to their clients.


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7 Eram : CPA reduced by 25% while optimizing the profitability of Google Ads campaigns in real-time



Real-time connectivity between the Advalo platform and Google Ads enables Eram to tailor keywords and bid strategies for its Google Network campaigns based on the value of each customer. Eram optimized its budget by concentrating its investments on priority targets. 


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