[White Paper] : Leverage your Data and AI to build customer value


Retailers have been especially affected by the profound changes associated with consumer journey digitalization. In an increasingly competitive climate retailer’s saw traffic in their points of sale decrease. Most brands’ overall response was marketing pressure intensification, most retailers increased the number of emails sent and heavily  used sales promotions.

More and more sales promotions are sent in the hopes of engaging customers; this just contributes to a lesser profit margin at each sale and amplifies mass marketing, which is a pollutant and intrusive, and consumers no longer want to receive these types of messages.

To ensure sustainable growth, today’s retailers must set out to reclaim their lost margins by evolving towards marketing targeted at consumer expectations and by focusing their budgets on what will really bring them value, today and in the future.

Through this white paper, we wish to provide concrete responses to retailers who, like the brands with whom we collaborate on a daily basis, have understood the urgency of evolving towards individualized marketing, in line with the expectations of their customers.


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