Grain de Malice

Grain de Malice was founded in 2007 and is a ready-to-wear women's clothing brand. This fashion house has a chain of 180 stores spread throughout France and Belgium. The brand excels in its ability to engage with its customers by always offering a warm welcome and relevant store tips.The brand’s formidable strength is reflected in their annual gross sales, 80% of their turnover was achieved however by their customers and loyalty card holders.

Data Solving Issues

Although already having a breadth of knowledge of its customer base and purchasing
behaviors,Grain de Malice still wanted to identify and anticipate the purchasing routes of its
omni-channel customers in order to measure the impact of its digital actions on sales made in
stores. So the brand called upon Advalo for its ability to reconcile online and offline data thus allowing
Grain de Malice to thoroughly analyze its customer journey.

The challenges of Grain de Malice

After this first study of customer journeys, the CRM team at Grain de Malice became
focused on how digital could significantly increase the overall performance of it’s stores and
they asked 2 strategic questions :

1. Does digital personalization have an effect and does it allow for better
sales in our stores ?

2. Can we get our clients to reproduce known in store behaviors online?

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