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With a total revenue of 1.8 billion euros and 350 stores, BUT is the 3rd largest household equipment brand in France, second to IKEA and essentially at the same overall performing level as Castorama. A local player, its network is the densest and the closest to consumers, enabling it to continuously increase its market shares.


After 4 months of installation positive increase of 1% of BUT’s total sales

What were some of the requirements you were seeking when you contacted Advalo?

With 70 million online visits and 40 million on-site sales, our major challenge was to be able to reconcile the data of our in store customers with the visits on our website in order to have an understanding of the purchasing routes and an omni-channel vision of our activities.

Furniture purchases are often the result of a global reflexion (for example the purchase of a sofa will often cause someone to change their coffee table or carpet),therefore the many digital traces left by the customer have to be processed and analyzed to better identify the many needs of our customers and in order to send them a targeted and individualized message.This allows us to detect key buying moments rather than forcing more standardized sales initiatives. In other words, we wanted to enter into a real relationship of trust with our customers.


Why choose Advalo?

How did Advalo respond to your potential problematic issues ?

What were the results ?

Why recommend Advalo?


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