«We are really interested in key moments : communicating the right message at the right time »

Jean Rouyer Automobiles

Jean Rouyer Automobiles is a family group founded in 1982, the 5th French Automobile Distribution Group. The Group currently has 1,500 employees. With over 50 automotive dealerships and several decades worth of experience, Jean Rouyer Automobiles is located in 14 departments of the Greater West. Jean Rouyer Automobiles offers over fifteen brands of cars to choose from (Renault, Fiat, Nissan, Volvo, etc.).

In 2015, conscious of changes in shoppers’ expectations and the digital revolution of the buying journey, the group launched autobonplan.com, a platform for the online sale of cars. The desire to sustainably embed quality of service and support in its values prompted the group to create its own in-house staff training system.

Samy Ben Chekroun, Digital Director at Jean Rouyer Automobiles granted us an exclusive interview in which he explains the reasons that drove the automotive group to work with Advalo and how the platform contributes to improving marketing performances particularly in second hand and new vehicle segments. We asked him the following questions : 

  • What were are the challenges of JRA ?
  • Why did you choose to work with Advalo?
  • What are the results ?

 To discover Samy Ben Chekroun's answers and how Advalo  is helping Jean Rouyer Autmobiles to respond to its challenges and objectives, feel free to download the entire interview.